Stroud Green Festival 6-24 June 2018
Image: Clare Norburn
Clare Norburn
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About the Festival

Stroud Green Festival is a community event for people who are curious about music.

Much of our music might be classified as classical or early music – and we always have a jazz and a folk event each year. But we’re more interested in open borders than boundaries – for some of our events, it is hard to tell where classical ends and folk starts.

There’s something for everyone, some events are free, others reasonably priced. Several are Family Friendly. And many are quirky or for the curious.

We love first-time attenders and hope to see you there.

The Festival is run by a team of local volunteers, including Tamara Romanyk (fundraiser, medievalist and music lover), Marion Bettsworth (an organist who works for vocal ensemble The Sixteen) and Clare Norburn, who co-founded and built up the Brighton Early Music Festival to an event now attended by 6000 people with several hundred thousand more hearing live broadcasts from the Festival on BBC Radio 3 (and who also happens to be into science fiction).

Most events take place at Holy Trinity Church, Stroud Green and the Church Hall around the corner on Stapleton Hall Road (see our venues page).

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