Stroud Green Festival 6-24 June 2018
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What we are looking for: the criteria

  • The competition is open to classical ensembles, including early music ensembles, which would generally expect to comprise of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 musicians; duos will need to demonstrate that they are a true ensemble in approach – not a soloist with an accompanist.
  • The line-up of your ensemble can be vocal, instrumental or mixed vocal and instrumental. The only exception is that, for the first year of the scheme, groups with a piano are not eligible – we plan to open to ensembles including pianists from 2019 onwards.
  • We don’t specify an age range but the scheme is for ensembles who are not yet well-known and established as an ensemble. This will include musicians at the early stages of a professional career – but could include ensembles that have been formed recently which include one or more established individual musicians.
  • At the youngest range of the programme, generally we would expect most individuals in an ensemble to be either final year or postgraduate students, or to have graduated within the last three years.
  • We will not accept ensembles who have formed specifically to enter the competition or who have only been formed for less than 12 months. We want to invest in an ensemble that can prove some kind of long-term commitment. You don’t need to have secured major engagements during that time – just to have begun to have explore repertoire together
  • We are looking for more than just excellence, we will ask you to pitch 2 or 3 ideas for development which we would help you work over your year with us, if you are one of the successful ensembles. We are looking for ideas that are “more than a concert” that could provide a vehicle to bring new and wider audiences for classical music. You will be assessed as much on the programme idea as on your playing.
  • Because we expect at least one of the successful ensembles to receive mentoring and support over the coming year, Stroud Green Festival Competition and The Kick-Start Programme is targeted at ensembles where the majority of participants are primarily based in the UK.

You must be available to audition on 21 or 22 May and for the finals, if you are selected, on the evening of 7 June.

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What we are looking for: the criteria

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