Stroud Green Festival 6-24 June 2018
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EVENT 14a & 14b

4.30pm-6.20pm & 8pm-9.50pm | Sunday 17 June

Holy Trinity Church Hall [Map]

Burying the Dead by Clare Norburn

Emily Owen & Jenni Harper sopranos
Kate Conway gamba
Toby Carr theorbo/baroque guitar
Satoko Doi Luck harpsichord
Thomas Guthrie director
Niall Ashdown (actor & Comedy Store regular) as Henry Purcell
Natalie Rowland & Pitch Black Lighting lighting designer
Hannah Pearson costume designer

A quirky fictional journey inside the bedroom and head of composer Henry Purcell (1659-1695), as he takes us behind the scenes of the Restoration Theatre, to the vibrant taverns and streets of London, with live music of the period performed by rising star ensemble Ceruleo.

Purcell is in his final illness, suffering from feverish dream-like hallucinations in which the past, including his childhood memories of the Plague and the Fire of London, present, and fantasy collide - and his songs take on a life of their own. 

Tickets: £15 (£10 concs) Book here...

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